Portable Power Generators

WooH 100% Guaranteed

The WooH Portable Power Generators are lightweight multi-purpose high capacity Lithium battery packs for outdoors and emergency.

Being a portable power source they are designed to charge and power most of your portable electronic equipment during off-grid situations. It will be your best companion during fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, backpacking, boating, sailing, caravanning, bicycling and many other outdoor activities for several days.

Don’t let your batteries discharge!

Charge your electronics by USB 5V, 12V DC or AC 230V outputs.

Plug in compatible solar panel and create your own portable solar generator system. Recharge your battery pack during sunlight ensuring continuous power source even for weeks. Take this set with you on longer trips to the wildest areas and keep your portable electronics charged and camp lit during the darkest nights.


Build your own Portable Solar Generator system to ensure emergency power source during grid blackouts or being outdoors where wall power is not available.